About Learning Across Borders (LABs)

About International Day

Held at the beginning of the academic calendar, Learning Across Borders (LABs) is an event on campus that showcases the international experiences of Princeton students from the summer or previous term. Over the summer, students will engage with the intellectual and experiential dimensions of their experience abroad and propose a variety of ways to share it with their Princeton peers: posters, performances, videos, blogs, artwork. The event will culminate with a performance and an internationally-focused speaker highlighting the importance of global citizenship and underscoring the value of international experience in a liberal arts education.

Experience at Princeton

Did You Know?

  • An estimated 1200 undergraduate students study abroad during fall or spring term or receive funding to pursue international research, internship and academic experiences in the summer.
  • 56% of Princeton students graduate having had a meaningful international experience during their undergraduate careers.
  • 64% say that their international experience was the most impactful experience of their Princeton education.
  • The value of international experience is amplified as the ‘look-back’ period lengthens; alumni value their international experience more as they move farther away from their graduation.
  • Princeton invests $3.1mm annually in international experiences for undergraduates.