Learning Across Borders

learning across borders

Learning Across Borders

  •   WHEN: 1-4pm, Saturday, September 24th.  See detailed schedule
  •   WHERE: Butler and Whitman 
    • Poster Panels : James S. Hall '34 Memorial Gallery/Outside Butler (see signs on day of event)/ Whitman Gallery
    • Videos and PowerPoints: Studio 34 Café
    • Blogs and other written reflections: Roundtable at 1915 Room/Butler Amphitheater
    • Music Composition/Performance: Class of 1942 Lounge/ Butler Amphitheater
    • Info Booth: Tent outside of Whitman & tent outside of butler on Goheen Walk for information, schedules, directions, etc.
  •   FOOD:
    • (Awesome Street Food by Princeton Alum from Brooklyn!  Check them out at http://www.eatjianbing.com !!) -  available from 1-3pm at the James S. Hall '34 Memorial Gallery!
    • Nina’s Waffles available from 2-4pm outside of Wu Hall on Goheen!

Held at the beginning of the academic calendar, Learning Across Borders (LABs) is an event on campus that showcases the international experiences of Princeton students from the summer or previous terms. Over the summer, students will engage with the intellectual and experiential dimensions of their experience abroad and propose a variety of ways to share it with their Princeton peers: posters, performances, videos, blogs, artwork. The event will culminate with a performance and an internationally-focused speaker highlighting the importance of global citizenship and underscoring the value of international experience in a liberal arts education.

Czech Republic

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." — Marcel Proust

Why participate in Learning Across Borders (LABs)?

LABs is a great opportunity for you to...

  • Reflect and present insights to peers, program directors and professors and share your learning with the broader University community. 

  • Integrate international experiences back into your on-campus lives.   

  • Share stories, gain perspectives and glean a broader understanding of common challenges and benefits of international experience.

  • Give back by sharing your insights and helping expand your fellow students' knowledge of the range of international opportunities available.

  • Enhance your ability to present the value of international experience to outside audiences, including potential mentors or employers.

  • Demonstrate the importance of  ‘global citizenship’ and international experience in a Princeton education.